Gallery: Our Gallery in Downtown Exeter

Our gallery is located in beautiful downtown Exeter at 225 Water Street. Find an interactive map and directions in our Contact Us section.

Enjoy our wonderful dowtown restaurants, the historic Ioka Theatre, inviting book and craft stores, and a relaxing walk along the river any time of the year.

Members' Virtual Galleries

Please take a moment to visit some of our members' own works in their virtual galleries. If you need to setup or change your online gallery, please follow the intructions on this form.

Barbara Borsa[ visit artist's gallery ]
Media: watercolor

Subjects: Nature, landscape, still life
Annick Bouvron-Gromek[ visit artist's gallery ]
Media: Watercolor, Monotype

Subjects: floral, landscape
Patricia Boyd-Robertson[ visit artist's gallery ]
Natalie Rotman Cote[ visit artist's website ]
Media: Photography, painting in acrylics, pastel, and oil

Subjects: Nature, animals, still life
Heather Crowley[ visit artist's gallery ]
David Dilts[ visit artist's gallery ]
    Media: Acrylic, Pastel

Subjects: abstract, landscape, reproduction
James Faist[ visit artist's gallery ]
Media: photography

Subjects: Landscape, nature, abstract
Dannielle Genovese[ visit artist's gallery ]
Media: watercolor, oil, intaglio & monotype prints

Subjects: abstract, landscape, still life
Lucretia Gordon[ visit artist's gallery ]
Media: acrylic, oil, pastel, watercolor

Subjects: landscapes, oceanscapes, plein air
Averill Haines[ visit artist's gallery ]

Subjects: landscapes, oceanscapes
John Hauschildt[ visit artist's website ]
Media: Photography, Hand-inked Photographs

Subjects: Landscapes, structures, abstracts, comical wildlife
Nancy Hubbe[ visit artist's gallery ]
Media: Pastel, Watercolor

Subjects: portraits: people and pets
Doris Rice[ visit artist's gallery ]
    Media: Watercolor

Subjects: landscape, watercolor instruction
Mary Jane Solomon[ visit artist's website ]