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Seacoast Artist Association is pleased to offer SAA members an opportunity to have their own dedicated mini-gallery and increase exposure for a larger representation of your work. For more information on our Featured Artist Program, and to download an application, please visit the Featured Artist Program area of our Membership section.

Michelle Fennell - October-November 2015

Michelle Fennell and the Seacoast Artists Association invite you to join us for our Featured Artist's Reception on Thursday, October 8th, 5-7PM at te SAA Gallery

Born in the Northeast to parents who both had an interest in art, Michele's own talent was apparent at an early age. She excelled in the subject while attending schools in Florida, Arizona, and California. When Michele returned to her New England roots she began a career in graphic arts and remained in the field until 1991. Today Michele enjoys a life steeped in art.

Her studies over the years have allowed her to explore the gift of her talent and it has been through these explorations that she has found her niche. She says "What I especially like to create in my paintings is a place for the viewer to go - a sort of personal adventure. Real places or still lifes often provide the inspiration for a painting but the more abstract ideas of movement, scale, and values are just as important to me." She does not subscribe to a pre-established palette of colors. Rather, she integrates natural colors and dramatic values that will enhance and unify the painting. It is in the old tradition of chiaroscuro painting that her style and approach is grounded. As she puts it, "Through the representation of atmosphere, depth and light the visual adventure emerges."

Michele works en plein air as well as out of her studio at home. She welcomes commissions and offers private as well as group lessons to children and adults. She is an active member of the New Hampshire Artist's Assoc. and The Seacoast Artist's Assoc. She is an award winning artist participating in many juried shows and her work is currently represented in several galleries and corporate offices in the region.

The exhibit runs October through November.

Past Featured Artists

John Benford - Feburary-March 2015

John Benford is an architectural, editorial and fine art photographer, based out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. In addition to being a photographer, Benford has trained to be a minister and worked in supply chain management. "The common thread," he says, "is my search for order and meaning in the world. Whether analyzing data and systems, exploring spiritual questions or organizing the world into a rectangular frame, I have spent my life looking for the pattern of things. I create images that reveal the deeper order I see in the world." Benford left the corporate world to attend New England School of Photography in Boston, where he graduated with honors and received the Tyler Munroe Award for Creative Excellence and Spirit.

The series, "New England", consists of nature and travel photographs from New Hampshire, Maine and other parts of New England. Nature and travel have played an important role in his life and his relationship with photography. Benford took my first photographs at age six on a summer-long cross country family trip to visit national parks. His love of photography was initially inspired by nature photographers like Ansel Adams and Art Wolfe. It was during a 1997 visit to Yellowstone that he took up photography in earnest, and for many years he photographed only when he traveled to such places. More recently, he has turned my lens closer to home – sometimes even in his backyard – to capture the beauty of his native New England.

Please join us at the SAA Gallery for the reception, to be held on Saturday, March 7th, from 2PM to 4PM.

Kevin Daniel Talbot - December 2014 through January 2015

Kevin Daniel Talbot is a local nature photographer who has honed his skills over the past twenty-five years on the ponds, in the woods, and across the mountains of his native New England. An avid hiker he, along with his trusted and faithful companions Emma, his dog, and Judy, his wife, have tramped New Hampshire's forty-eight Four- Thousand Footers and many lesser hills and peaks across New England on hundreds of hikes over the past fifteen years. Sadly Emma passed away in spring of 2013 and has not as yet been replaced, though Kevin and Judy continue to tramp. A soon to be published book about their adventures together is on the way, and a journal and photographs of the amazing hikes they took together can be found at:

The New Hampshire Four-Thousand Footers is a list compiled by the Appalachian Mountain Club listing most of the four-thousand foot mountains in New Hampshire and a certificate and a "patch" are given for hiking each peak and completing the list. Besides hiking them all many times each both Emma and Judy completed forty-one and Kevin completed all forty-eight during calendar winter over several seasons. Kevin has received a winter patch for this accomplishment. A well-earned award for braving the often brutal conditions of winter above four-thousand feet. During these journeys Kevin has captured with great detail the rugged terrain and awesome scenery through his camera lens.

These things may seem extreme to some, but it gets better. Because of his love of the White Mountains in his adopted home of New Hampshire, he has also come under the spell of Agiocochook, the native Abanaki name for the tallest of mountains in the northeast corner of the United States, known now by the natives as Mount Washington.

Through an association with the Mount Washington Observatory Emma, Judy and he have become regular faces at their annual Seek the Peak fundraiser for the non-profit Observatory. This involves raising funds and hiking to the summit of Mount Washington, which they have completed over a dozen times, but Kevin's relationship goes further.

In March of 2004 he made his first winter visit as an overnight guest to the observatory where he discovered they had a volunteer program. Jumping in both feet he applied, and has now made the eight-day long trips to the summit in all seasons to be the volunteer cook and housekeeper for that shift for the small crew which mans the weather station on the summit of Mount Washington on a 24/7/365 basis.

He has made this trip several times including cooking Thanksgiving Dinner on two occasions in the past, and is on his way back again in March 2015. Often he is required to cook for as many as eighteen guests as overnight trips are a regular occurrence in winter. Photographs and video from these trips is truly amazing and can also be found on his website in the Mount Washington section.

Over the past five years Kevin has been working on a project where he has taken photographs each day and chosen one for posting on Facebook and on his own website. This has resulted in hundreds of his best images being compiled. You can follow this project and view past photos from it in the Daily Photo section of his website. Photo-books of this project are also in the works. A book of his maternal grandmother's poems with his photography entitled "Ghostflowers" is available. It is a beautiful tribute to his grandmother whose work he did not discover until years after her passing.

A book of her poems, hand-bound and type-written with the title Ghostflowers became the source of the name for his website and refers to the colorless flower which grows from the hubris of the forest floor, the Indian Pipe, which she called "Ghostflowers". Search for Kevin Talbot and/or on Facebook to follow his adventures and view his amazing photographs, and be sure to visit to see large resolution photos of his work as well as find journals of his adventures.

James Faist - October through November 2014

James Faist is a photographic artist, specializing in Landscape, Abstract, and Scenic fine art images. He has been practicing photography for over 40 years, from the days of film and filters, to today's world of high tech digital photographic art.

Faist strives to practice contemplative photography, to observe reality with a mindful eye, and to portray this vision so that it might inspire others on a special level, and enhance their life experience, if even for a moment! All of his images, created 'in camera' or with various levels of technical enhancements, have been created to be visual, emotional, and philosophical representations of time, light, and location. James is primarily self taught, thru reading, practice, and the occasional seminar. His most notable visual influences include the work of Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell, Monet, and the Hudson River School of landscape painting. His philosophical influences stem from the Eastern mystical teachings, Quantum Physics and Sacred Geometry.

Faist photographs and explores the world in many ways. Hiking, bicycling, skiing, and cross country motor touring, are all among the ways in which he search's and adds to the visual diversity of his images. Fine art photography is James's passion, and his 'day job' is as a photo-lithographic engineer for a major U.S. "high tech" corporation.

Faist currently exhibits his collectible, limited edition prints with the Seacoast Art Assoc., in Exeter, N.H., as well as at various regional exhibits and venues. His images have won several awards, and he is a Juried Member of the N.H. Art Association.

Please feel free to follow 'Jim Faist' on Facebook, or visit his website,, to review the on-line galleries of his work, or check the calendar for upcoming events. It is here where you may also comment on, or purchase one of his works, made to your specifications.

Visit the artist's website at Or E-mail: for more info.

Attend the artist reception for James Faist from Atkinson, NH, on Saturday, October 25, from 2 pm to 4 pm, at the Seacoast Artist Association gallery, 225 Water Street, Exeter.

As the artist featured in October and November, Faist will be displaying recent works in digital art photography. Refreshments will be served.

Brenda Slattery - August through September 2014

After a lifelong interest in art, Brenda began to paint seriously after her retirement in 1999. She always had a fascination for art and spent many hours in museums and reading books about the great artists to learn more about their techniques and style of painting.

Though mostly self-taught, she has studied oil painting with Mary Vermeersch of Hampton, NH and watercolor with Robert Steedman of Portsmouth, NH. She has also done workshops with Todd Bonita, Beaman Cole and Monique Sakellarios.

Living on the NH seacoast, she is inspired to do paintings of the seacoast area. She has a passion to paint the ocean and surrounding marshes. Landscape and floral are also favorite subjects. Her style of painting is both impressionistic and representational.

Brenda is a member of the York Art Association in York, ME; the Seacoast Art Association in Exeter, NH; and the Chelmsford Art Society in Chelmsford, MA.

The opening reception will be Saturday, August 9th and the show will run through the end of September 2014.

Pat E. Nickerson's "Portraits of the Seacoast" - June through July 2014

Pat began the study of watercolor, pastels and drawing in charcoal at the age of 24, concentrating on human, animal portraiture and landscape with the renowned Thadeous Kladnicki of Bearskin Neck in Rockport, Massachusetts.

While raising a family, Pat continued to study drawing in many mediums, including an extensive course in Life Studies at the Massachusetts Art Institute and Art History at UNH. Studying with Eric Ebbeson, Dustin Knight, Norma Machado and Libby Chase further improved her drawing skills.

For the past four years, Pat has been studying the painting technique of the Old Masters called the "Layering and Glazing Technique" in the studio of Todd Bonita of Greenland, NH. While painting "en plein air" in various workshops with Todd Bonita, Donald Jurney, BeamanCole and Chris Volpe, Pat is also a part of the new and exciting "Ogunquit Summer School of Art" on Perkin's Cove in Maine, located at the Todd Bonita Gallery of Art.

Pat E. Nickerson is an S.A.A. year round exhibiting Gallery Member, exhibiting both her oil paintings and her photographs of the New England seacoast.

Please join us for an artist's reception at the gallery on Saturday, June 7, 2014 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Light refreshments will be served.

Pat Kennedy Corlin - April through May 2014

Providing a wide range of private and commercial services, Pat can be found working in studio at The Performing Images Photo Loft in Strafford and the Seacoast Photography Studios in beautiful downtown Exeter, New Hampshire.

She will tell you that she feels complete when her work has a positive and lasting effect on others. An avid nature, portrait, travel and freelance photographer, she is never happier than when traveling the globe, photographing people and locations such as Cambodia, Africa, Hawaii, Canada, Europe, Caribbean Islands and hiking or skiing the mountains of northern New England, the Rockies and the Austrian Alps with her photo gear on her back and at the ready!

The Limitless Collection is a photographic body of work captured by Pat Kennedy Corlin. From her home in New England and throughout her journeys around the globe, she strives to capture a sense of place to honor those whom she meets along the way.

This collection contains images representing New England, the Southwest, the Hawaiian Islands, the Continental Divide, the Austrian Alps, ancient temples of Cambodia, and life on the African Serengeti; all unbound from the constraints of traditional framing.

These images find freedom through the borderless medium of Infused Archival Aluminum. The vibrant colors, brilliant luminescent and exceptional detail provide stunning depth and clarity in this fresh delivery of photographic imagery.

Artist's Reception:
Join us for an artist's reception Saturday, April 12th, 2-4PM at the gallery.

Ben Smith - February through March 2014

The watercolor artist Ben Smith began painting in 1960 under the instruction of his artist father, Channing Stevens Smith. He was also influenced by his grandfather, Heathcott Mead Woolsey, architect and watercolor artist and by the work of Sir William Russell Flint whose work hung in the Woolsey home.

In the 1960's and 70's Mr. Smith studied engineering and architecture in Tucson then moved to Fairbanks with his wife where he painted for fifteen years with fellow artists of the interior Alaska. In the late 1980's his family moved to Peterborough, New Hampshire where the creative energy of the Monadnock Region stimulated more painting and brought him into a new marriage. With his new family, Mr. Smith built an ocean sailboat in Latvia and Estonia and sailed throughout the Baltic and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. When the Smith family settled back in Durham, New Hampshire, Mr. Smith began work as a research boat captain and his painting dwindled to only a dozen paintings.

On a whim in the winter 2011, Mr. Smith took a watercolor sketch kit to Culebra, a Puerto Rican island and while his wife Gretchen swam and walked the beautiful beaches, Mr. Smith sat in the shade and painted. The brilliant blue sky and roar of the surf (along with the sand blown into his wet paint) revitalized his love of watercolor. But this was just the appetizer. On their return to Boston, they spent their last night in a romantic hotel, the Gallery Inn in Old San Juan. The light filtered down through a jungle of flowers in the several interior courtyards with ancient balconies, a maze of hallways in twisty passages with burbling fountains and colorful birds screaming, the walls covered with art: Ben started painting. Then a strikingly dignified woman approached, placing her hand on his shoulder, she reprimanded him: "You can not paint watercolors holding your paper like that."

The critic was Jan D'Esopo, the artist who had restored the two hundred year old manor ruins, now the Gallery Inn. She invited Ben to return to Old San Juan for an artist's class with Teresa Spinner (Jan's sister), and pastel artist Judith Carducci. From 6am to 6pm they painted for four days in La Perla, a colorful barrio of San Juan and Ben was totally inspired. In 2012, Ben completed nearly eighty new paintings.

Ben Smith is a member of the New Hampshire Artists Association, the Kittery Artists Association, and the Seacoast Artist Association. His work is always on display in the Seacoast Artist Association Gallery in Exeter and on Ben also hangs his work in local Seacoast.

The Painterly Print December 2013 - January 2014

The Printmaker's Group started when we took classes from Pam Lawson, Master Printmaker at Sharon Arts. The group includes Annick Bouvron-Gromek, Bill Childs, Barbara Cowan, Pam Lawson and Doris Rice.

We all love the process, in the words of Ida Ten Eyck O'Keeffe "Who can say wherein lies the charm of the monotype - that unique print from a painted plate, which stands half shadow between painting and Printmaking? Its spontaneity and freshness, its directness and freedom place it apart from other traditional print media as a means of artistic expression that should not be overlooked."

The Painterly Print Show show will run from Dec 2nd to February 1st. The opening reception will be Friday December 6th from 5 to 7. A closing reception with a demonstration will be held on Saturday, January 25th 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

Pamela Lawson
Pamela Lawson has been painting images from her surroundings and from her travels since 1980. While drawing has been an important form of expression, monotypes are her main interest.

Her work has been included in national and regional exhibits for the last 25 years including Boston Printmakers National, Springfield Arts League National, in MA, and Parkside Small Prints in Wisconsin. Pam's monotypes have received awards nationally and regionally and have been exhibited in New England, Chicago, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in solo and group shows. They are included in many corporate and private collections.

Pam has taught art and monotype workshops in the area since graduating from Massachusetts College of Art with a BFA.

Her work is represented by Powers Gallery in Acton, MA & she is a member of The Monotype Guild of New England and Boston Printmakers.

Bill Childs
With his home in Exeter, New Hampshire artist Bill Childs explores the landscape of the New Hampshire seacoast, its fields, marshes and towns in all four seasons. Primarily a watercolorist, he has also worked with the monotype process and pen and ink. A variety of approaches to his landscape and architectural subjects shows in some cases a careful approach to detail and description and yet in others a more expressive use of color and shape. In every instance his work is a reflection of his love of the places that are familiar and the ones that he continues to find whether a newly discovered nearby working orchard , the magic of the Isles of Shoals, or the varied inlets of the Maine coast.

Bill is a working member of the New Hampshire Art Association, a member of the Seacoast Artist Association, and displays his work regularly at A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words in Exeter.

Barabara Cowan
Barabara Cowan resides in Exeter and is known for her watercolor paintings, regional landscapes, and seascapes. She has also been working with the monotype process in addition to her interest in pastels.

She is a long time student of Timothy J. Clark of California and Maine. Recently, she has taken several workshops in montype with Pam Lawson at the Sharon Art Center in Peterborough, NH.

Barabara has been an exhibiting member of the Exeter Arts Committee snd the Seacoast Artists Association.

She maintains a studio in her home in Exeter. For many years, Barabara has designed the annual Christmas ornament and related prints for sale in Exeter. They are regarded as importnt collectibles for Exeter area residents.

Doris B. Rice
Doris' studio is the great outdoors. Painting on location is her inspiration, staying in the moment to capture the world around her. It is an exciting challenge!

She is a graduate of Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. Early years were spent there as an illustrator for advertising and publishing. In 1979, relocating from Philly to North Hampton, NH, she changed her focus to plein air painting, travelling to study with various master painters and developing her teaching style to bring others to the joy of creating.

Works are available at: Kennedy Gallery, Portsmouth, NH and Wood Gallery, Coronado, California.

Doris is active with her New Hampshire art connections, Seacoast Artist Association and NHAA. Doris teaches adult classes in Portsmouth, NH; Exeter, NH; and Kittery, ME; workshops in numerous locations in the USA and Europe; artist-in-residence projects for schools; and mentoring for degree students. For information on workshops, classes, and paintings, look Doris up on the web: .

Annick Bouvron-Gromek
Bouvron-Gromek primary interests are Monotype and Watercolor. Her art interest came later in life. She began by taking watercolor instructions with Doris Rice. And because of her love of texture she started to explore monotype. Monotype is a hybrid among printing techniques. It is neither a print nor a painting, but a combination of both. The method is named because it is one image (mono), painted or drawn directly on a plate and then transferred to paper. The monotype is a singular image and cannot be replicated. She achieves depth, color and texture using different ink viscosities applied on a Plexiglas plate which is then passed through an etching press. Annick also likes to use the subtractive method. Images are created in a dark field by lifting the medium from the plate before passing it through the press. Every piece is a new experience, you really never fully know until you pull the print.

Bouvron-Gromek is a member of New Hampshire Art Association and the Seacoast Artists Association. She has won numerous awards for both her Monotypes and Watercolors. Her works can be found in private collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

You can view more of her work at the SAA Gallery. Annick offers Monotype instruction at her studio. Annick Bouvron-Gromek, 25 Forest St, Exeter, NH 03833 (603)583-5293 or

Local Photographers October - November 2013

Roger GounThe Seacoast Photographers Association invites you to the opening of a photographic exhibit of local art by local photographers.

Featuring work on local landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, people, and events, over twenty local photographers are showing one piece each.

With talent that spans the globe seeking photogenic subjects, it is a treat for artists to be able make their own beloved neighborhoods the subject of the show.

Please join us for a reception on Satursday, November 9, 2013 from 2-4PM at the Seacoast Artists Gallery.

Roger Goun August - September 2013

Roger GounRoger is a recovering software engineer, a political geek, and a photographer of landscapes, events, and the urban street. He's been taking photos since he was ten, using mostly digital tools for the last seven years. He's continually inspired by the fantastic images that fellow photographers share on the internet and at local shows.

The goal of Roger's street photography is to re-tell, through pictures, the human stories he sees playing out around him. At their best, these images reveal some insight he has been discerned about the subject. When subject and viewer are from different backgrounds or subcultures, he imagines listening for the sound of preconceived notions being shredded.

Roger Goun Show Image

In March he drove for three days from New Hampshire to Daytona Beach, Florida for Bike Week, an enormous gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts. The biker milieu is a distinct subculture, one that projects an outlaw façade - at least partly to keep the outside world at arm's length.

Roger Goun Show Image

While no one will ever confuse him for a biker, no one considers Roger a threat either, and no one has ever gotten angry with him for taking a photo. So he was able to be quite aggressive about sticking his old-fashioned-looking Leica M Monochrom in some scary-looking faces.

Roger Goun Show Image

Roger was offered a lot of drinks ("I can't, I'm working"), was hugged a lot, and had to physically resist being dispossessed of the Monochrom by one drunk girl who wanted her friend to take their picture together. (He quickly handed her his cell phone camera instead.)

Roger Goun Show Image

He met a lot of people. He made a few friends. Roger expects he'll do it again one of these days.

Please join us and meet Roger at the artist's reception on Saturday, August 10 from 2-4 PM at the gallery. Light refreshments will be served. Biker leather is appropriate attire if you've got it. If you can't make it to the reception, the exhibition runs through September 28th.

Pat Corlin April - May 2013

Pat Corlin was born and raised in Massachusetts where her father's love of photography began to work its way into her soul. She began to feel like a photographer when she was sixteen years old and purchased her first "real" camera, a Pentax K1000, which she still owns today. At twenty, she and her husband migrated north to New Hampshire where they raised two beautiful daughters who are now married, living their dreams, and truly believe that the world is their oyster. Seeing their children grown, happy, and loving life has been a powerful influence on Pat; one that helped to finally permit herself the freedom to fully embrace and commit to cultivating that which has always been within her... her passion for the art of photography.

Pat has been asked numerous times to define her "style" of photography or describe specific subjects that she prefers to photograph. At this moment in her life, the joy she feels by not defining her work is significantly more precious than the security that a defined style or genre might provide. She hopes the legacy she leaves behind is a body of work that honors where she has been and all she has encountered along the way, while also leaving the observer with a sense of just how much she loves this life.

Pat is sincerely thankful for the opportunity to introduce herself and to share a serendipitous gift of fate that has extraordinarily impacted her life. She is honored to present a sampling of her photographic journey to Cambodia with The Giving Lens.

An opening for Pat's work: CAMBODIA - A Serendipitous Gift Of Fate, will be held on Saturday, April 27th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Seacoast Artist Association Gallery, 225 Water Street, Exeter. Refreshments will be served.

Meet All Gallery Members at One Show! February - March 2013

Thanks to our generous friend and long time SAA supporter, Bill Childs, the Featured Artist wall will feature an additional work from each of the SAA Gallery Members from February 2nd until March 30th.

Maria Simms

A reception, scheduled for Saturday March 9th from 2 -4, will present a unique opportunity to meet and mingle with all 23 gallery members. Come by to meet the artists, enjoy refreshments, and soak in the creative energy.

Helen HazenReveille TaillonReid BunkerMJ Solomon

  • Annick Bouvron-Gromek - Monotype, Watercolor
  • Patricia Boyd-Robertson - Photography
  • Reid Bunker - Photography
  • Lauren Chuslo-Shur - Photography
  • Barbara Clark - Oils Watercolors
  • Barbara Cowan - Watercolor, Collage, Monotype
  • Jackie Cunningham - Oils
  • James Faist - Photography
  • Helen Hazen - Pastels, Watercolor
  • Ann Howland - Acrylics, Pen and Ink
  • Nancy Hubbe - Watercolor, Scratchboard
  • Annalee Mack - Watercolor
  • Doris Rice - Watercolor
  • David Saums - Photography
  • Jean Schulman - Acrylic, Watercolor
  • Maria Simms - Oils, Pen and Ink, Watercolor
  • Dennis Skillman - Photography
  • Ben Smith - Watercolor
  • Mary Jane Solomon - Watercolor, Pastel
  • Molly Sullivan - Oils, Acrylic
  • Elaine Sylvester - Colored Pencil, Acrylic, Silverpoint
  • Revelle Taillon - Colored Pencil, Graphite
  • Melissa Weeks - Oils, Collage, Mixed Media

James Faist

Terri Ellen Donsker December 2012 - January 2013

Terri DonskerTerri says, "Photography, for me, is a way of celebrating the beauty which enriches my life. The play of light and color, shape and shadow in a constantly changing universe imprints its imagery on my all-too-mortal soul. But these images are fleeting, whirling flashes of brilliance. Now here; now gone forever in the rushing river of time. My passion is to capture these images, lest I forget the experience of these all-too-brief encounters. Images hold fast the memories which define my life. Photographs enable me to revisit the feast and truly relish the banquet.

"I have been doing serious photography for the past 40 years. During that time I have lived in Seattle, Washington and coastal New Hampshire. Touring with my husband, David, in search of birds, I have encountered my subjects in many parts of the world: Africa, the Antarctic, Central and South America, Thailand, Finland, Britain and Ireland, and continental Europe.

Exeter River"Gardening, Horticulture and Natural History have provided me with hours of meaningful enjoyment while placing before me the magic of light and shadow, sun and rain, clouds, mist and snow. The landscape is a coming together of opposites: hard, inanimate rock with ethereal, living things. The synthesis of these—fleeting time and timelessness, fragility and strength, the monumental and the minute—is the challenge and the delight of photography in Nature.

Flowing Elbe"My fascination with reflected images has become the subject matter of my most recent work. I am energized by the sun and the wind: I challenge myself to see the imperfect reflections of excited light dancing on the surfaces of churning waters. I love the illusion of infinity of opposing mirrors and the images emerging from the confusion of lines and shapes."

FuschiaTerri's publications include promotional material for Winnipesaukee Water Taxi, Aurora Diagnostics; cover and article "Weirs Times" Boating magazine; recipe and food images "New York Times" dining magazine.

Her Exhibiting Gallery venues include Portsmouth, Rye, North Hampton, Exeter, Gilford, Meredith, NH; Newburyport, MA: Mpls, MN; Baden-Baden, Germany

Monet bridge

Terri's award-winning photography includes pieces in the NHAA exhibit at the Currier Museum of Art, the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair NHAA exhibit at Sunapee, and the Lassonde Show of the NHAA.

SerenitySummer DreamContemplation

Her past and current memberships include NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association), New Hampshire Society of Photographic Artists, New Hampshire Art Association, Newburyport Art Association, Seacoast Artists' Association, League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, and the American Society of Picture Professionals."

My DinghyShellsYellow and Blue

Annick Bouvron Gromek October-November 2012

  As the artist featured in October and November, Annick is “All About Monotypes.” Monotype is a hybrid among printing techniques. It is neither a print nor a painting, but a combination of both. The method is named because it is one image (mono), painted or drawn directly on a plate and then transferred to paper. The monotype is a singular image and cannot be replicated.

“My inspirations come from the world around me,” said Annick, “a walk in the woods, the flowers in my garden, the fruits in the kitchen or wherever I am at the moment.”

Great Bay in Autumn          Great Bay in Winter

Her art interest came later in life. She began by taking watercolor instruction with Doris Rice. And because of her love of texture, she started to explore monotype. She achieves depth, color and texture using different ink viscosities applied on a Plexiglas plate, which is then passed through an etching press. She also likes to use the subtractive method in which images are created in a dark field by lifting the medium from the plate before passing it through the press.

“Every piece is a new experience, you really never fully know until you pull the print.” She said.

Annick was born in Brittany, France and now lives in Exeter with her husband John and their dog Sydney.

Along the Exeter River   

Annick is a member of New Hampshire Art Association and the Seacoast Artists Association. She has won numerous awards for both her monotypes and watercolors. Her works can be found in private collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.

Visit the artist’s website at E-mail: or call 603-583-5293.

Attend the artist reception for Annick on Saturday, Oct. 20 from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Seacoast Artist Association gallery, 225 Water Street, Exeter. Refreshments will be served.

The exhibit runs through November. The gallery is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call 778-8856.

Missed a featured artist program from the past? Take a look at what you missed. If you find something you like, contact the gallery to see if the works are still available in the gallery, or how to contact the artist to obtain them.

Carol Evans - July through August 2012

Carol Evans art background includes courses in art and art history at UNH. She began trying out a small watercolor set ten years ago and rapidly became interested in learning to paint with watercolors.

Boats Kittery HarborAfter exploring the medium through workshops with well known local artists such as Doris Rice and Jan Kilburn, Carol took courses in watercolor for four semesters at New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester, NH. Week long seminars with nationally known artists Mel Stabin and Tony Van Hasselt increased her skill level and motivated her to focus more deeply on this challenging medium.

Champagne DoryCarol continues to paint in her home studio in Lee, New Hampshire, and sells paintings in cooperative galleries, local venues and exhibitions. Her paintings hang in private collections in California, Maryland, Montana, Colorado, New York and most of the New England states.

Artist's Statement: "My interest is primarily in using light, color and contrast to capture the natural beauty of something which appeals to me. I often find exciting things to paint. My subjects vary widely, and include farm scenes, animals, landscapes, florals, boats, people and still life arrangements. During periods of painting, I perceive things much more keenly: shapes and silhouettes, light and shadows are heightened. This is the best reason to create, so that we might truly see. While working in the studio, I am often completely absorbed, humming, and unaware of everything but the painting in front of me."

Gina's Roost

The Red WagonWaitsfield Barn

Carol shares her home in Lee with her husband, Charlie Evans, a canine physical therapist, and their two cats, Oliver and Lila. They spend time together creating gardens and enjoy their sunny post and beam home and water garden as well as the many friends who come to visit there.

Carol is a member of the Seacoast Art Association and shows her work at the gallery at 225 Water Street, in Exeter, NH.


Fall, 2002, NH Institute of Art Student Show, Honorable Mention
Spring 2003, Durham Art Association Awards Show, First Place by Popular Vote
May 2003, SPCA Show, Stratham
September 2003, Friends of the Lee Public Library Auction, Lee, NH
December 2003, Durham Art Association Scholarship show, Durham, NH
January, 2004 through August, 2005 Seacoast Artist Association Gallery, Exeter, NH
2004 and 2005, SAA Winter Awards Show, North Hampton, NH
May 2004 and 2005, Portsmouth YMCA Auction, Live and Silent auctions
November 2004, Northeast Delta Dental Benefit Show
March/April, 2005, Exeter Hospital, solo exhibit
April 2005, Dover Public Library, solo exhibit
April, Earth Day Festival, Blue Moon Market
June, July 2005, The Blue Moon Café and Market, Exeter, solo exhibit
August 2005, Artist of the Month, Seacoast Artist Association Gallery, Exeter, NH
September 2004 and 2005, Artist of the Month, Lee Public Library, Lee, NH
December 2005, the Caretakers Cottage Holiday Show, Durham, NH
May 2007, Portsmouth YMCA Auction
June/July 2007, Exeter Hospital, solo exhibit
June/July 2009, The Blue Moon Café and Market, Exeter, solo exhibit
April/May 2010, Saint Anthony's Baker, Exeter, NH, group show
June, 2010 to June 2011, N.W. Barrett Gallery, Portsmouth


Roger Goun - April through June 2012

Roger Goun is a burned-out software engineer and obsessed photographer from Brentwood, New Hampshire. Roger is well known on the New Hampshire Seacoast as a landscape, event, and street photographer. He will be exhibiting a wide selection of his work from the past five years, including photographs from the American West, Japan, New Hampshire's White Mountains and Seacoast, and the coast of Maine.

Roger Goun

The goal of each of his images is to convey to the viewer what he saw, and how he felt about what he saw, at the moment that the original photo was made.

The human eye is a better camera than any we have yet invented, and no projection system or print can transmit the full range of color and tone present in a scene. So it's inevitable that choices and compromises must be made when an image is recorded, interpreted, and presented. The choices that we make play a role in defining who we are as photographers.

Roger GounRoger is often asked if his images are "manipulated" or "Photoshopped". Some people feel that photographic images are somehow better or more authentic if they come straight out of the camera, with all of the artistic choices having been made before the shutter button is pressed. Roger has never subscribed to this point of view.

Every device that humans have invented to record light imposes its own "look" upon an image. The decision not to post-process images delegates to the engineers and programmers who build digital cameras the choice of exactly how the image will appear. He chooses instead to control each step of the process from raw image to final print as carefully as possible. While his aim is generally to produce photo-realistic images, this intention is secondary to the need to communicate emotion.

Please join us for Roger's reception on Saturday, April 14th from 2-4pm at the Seacoast Artist Association gallery, 225 Water Street, Exeter.

Betsy Gammons - February through March 2012

Betsy GammonsBetsy Gammons, a multi-media artist, is the SAA Featured Artist in February and March. She will be presenting primarily her photographic work with some oil and pastel pieces. The work Betsy shares with us highlights her strong interest in composition, and the relationships between colors and forms in nature. As with most of her work, the ideas stem from a longing to wake early, to wander off the beaten path and take the journey. She often finds "the process of getting the idea as more important than the work itself."

Betsy Gammons

Her travel experiences, whether home or Betsy Gammonsabroad, provide her with much material for her work. Betsy attributes her affinity for photography to her wanderlust and photography's "ability to capture the newness of the place and anticipation of what is around the corner." She is continually inspired by color and design in the landscape, especially those quiet places that beckon to be discovered and rediscovered.

Betsy GammonsBetsy, a 1979 graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design, has been employed as an art educator in Concord, N.H. since 1981. During that time, she was extremely fortunate to have been granted a two-year leave of absence to teach at The Frankfurt International School in Germany, and most recently at The American International School of Budapest in Hungary. Betsy has exhibited widely in NH including the NH Art Association, the Preservation of NH Forests and the NH Institute of Art, in addition to many public spaces.

The artist reception for Betsy Gammons will be held on Feb 11 from 2-4pm at the Seacoast Artist Association gallery, 225 Water Street, Exeter.

Betsy Gammons

Nancy Hubbe - December 2011 through January 2012

Nancy started out as a map maker and became interested in watercolor in the sixties. She took workshops and evening courses when she could, and sold her first paintings at a sidewalk sale in 1978. Since then she has studied pastel painting with Herman Margulies, portraiture with Daniel Greene, and watercolor (including a workshop in Brittany, France) with Doris Rice.

Her most recent enthusiasm is for scratchboard. To work on scratchboard, it is necessary to "think negative" and patiently work out the contrasts, a peaceful change from the exciting bursts and subtleties of watercolor.

Hubbe enjoys painting outdoors. When she travels, she records the scenes in a sketchbook. These sometimes become the bases for her landscapes. Hubbe is a "hanging member" and secretary of the Seacoast Artist Association at 225 Water Street in Exeter.

Please join us for an artist reception for Nancy Hubbe on December 9th from 5-7PM at the Seacoast Artist Association gallery, 225 Water Street, Exeter.

As the artist featured in December and January, Hubbe will be displaying works in scratchboard, watercolor, and pastel. Refreshments will be served.

Barbara Stevens Adams - October through November 2011

Barbara Stevens Adams' involvement with art began in 1987 at Creative Arts workshop in New Haven, Connecticut. She moved to New Hampshire in 1990 and pursued her art studies in Portsmouth. The ensuing process has taken her to her current passion with dry pastels and oils.

Across the MarshBarbara is a founding member and the past president of the Pastel Society of New Hampshire, a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association, a signature member of Pastel Painters of Maine, and a member of the Seacoast Art Association, the Newburyport Art Association, and the Kittery Art Association. Her paintings have been accepted into many juried shows locally, nationally, and internationally.

Lot RiverSince 2002, Barbara has been a member of a group of five artists, The Red Shoe Gang, who paint and travel together, display their art, and sponsor exhibitions such as the highly successful "Barn and Beyond" shows. Barbara's work can also currently be seen at the Mast Cove Gallery in Kennebunkport, Maine and the New Hampshire Art Association's Lincoln Levy Gallery in Portsmouth.

The focus of Barbara's art is frequently themes from her "en plein air" painting excursions, her international travels, and her enjoyment of the history and many moods of the New England Coast.

TranquilityAlthough no longer practicing in her profession as a psychotherapist, Barbara has continued to be an active supporter of community agencies. She volunteers for the YMCA - Art Source Auction, and supports, through her art, Families First, Ballet New England, Portsmouth Music and Art, and the Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire.

Barbara's studio and residence are in Portsmouth.

James Faist - August through September 2011

Lauren James has been photographing for over 40 years, starting at age 10 when his father gave him his old Agfa Karat. H would wander the neighborhood, looking for images, while the other kids were taking music lessons! His primary vision is of nature's symbolic abstracts, landscapes, and images which he hopes illustrate the spiritual reality which unites us all.

James "day job" is as a design and electronic photolithography engineer for a major U.S. corporation, and he also moonlights photographing weddings, family, and commercial projects.

Antique IrisHarborLines and Angles


Lauren Chuslo-Shur - June through July 2011

LaurenThe art work of Kensington photographer Lauren Chuslo-Shur will be on display at the Seacoast Artist Association Gallery at 225 Water Street in Exeter during the months of June and July, 2011 as the gallery's featured artist.

Lauren blends photographic imagery and digital artistry to create fusions of color, form, and light that evoke the environments and elements that "catch my eye or splash in my brain, and can turn into something amazing. Not always, of course," she says, "but that's part of the surprise."

Combining her artist's eye with other skills, Chuslo-Shur has worked as an editor, page designer and freelance writer, founded a monthly publication for women, and earned a master's degrees in English from the University of New Hampshire. She has also served as a college instructor.

Antique IrisHarbor

Through her business, Shur Communications, Chuslo-Shur creates web sites, logos, product branding and other design elements for a variety of individuals and Lines and Anglesorganizations, including Womenade of Greater Squamscott and local author Phyllis Ring. She also offers people-friendly services and support as a computer-skills tutor to those who consider themselves less-than-technical.

An artist's reception will be held on Sunday, June 12 from 1 to 3 p.m. at the gallery. Refreshments will be served.

The artist and her husband John have two grown daughters. For more information about her work visit and E-mail

Barbara Cowan- April through May 2011

Mary JaneThe art work of Exeter artist Barbara Cowan will be on display at the Seacoast Artist Association Gallery at 225 Water Street in Exeter during the months of April and May, 2011 as the gallery's featured artist.

Cowan's work is expressive, full of color, and a unique response to the world around her.
Cowan works from her home studio in Exeter yet is comfortable as a plein air painter working at a variety of locations. Cowan principal medium is watercolor but she also enjoys working with pastels and the monotype printmaking process. Cowan is an exhibitor at the Seacoast Artist Association, the Exeter Arts committee displays at the Exeter Town Hall Gallery, and other regional shows.

Mary Jane Solomon - February through March 2011

Mary JaneMary Jane Bascom Solomon, painter of landscapes, faces, furry and feathered friends, and other fancies in watercolor and pastel, or whatever's handy.

A NewHampshire native, Mary Jane came to the coast to attend the University of New Hampshire.  During that time she earned her BFA and fell in love with the seacoast area making it her home ever since.  She currently lives in a 1743 farm house in Kensington, NH with her husband, Bob, dog Marlee, cats, and occasional chickens.  Her three amazing children have, for the most part, grown and moved on, but always are welcome when they come back home.

Oil painting was Mary Jane’s concentration while in college.  After graduation she took various courses in illustration and design and worked as a graphic artist in an advertising display company as well as freelance illustration and layout, back in the day before computers.  Motherhood absorbed her for many years but as the little ones became big and she found more time, Mary Jane signed up for watercolor classes.  Though attracted to the medium for its loose, fluid quality, tight control and detail work is more her style and she’s O.K. with that.  After a recent visit to the Pastel Society show in Portsmouth, Mary Jane was enthralled with the vibrancy of the pigments and has begun playing with this dry medium. Dirty, dusty hands aside, she’s loving the results.

Work 2Work 3

Growing up on a small dairy farm way out in the boonies and being blessed with wonderfully compassionate parents can be credited for fostering her appreciation of and connection to the world we live in and its fellow inhabitants.  Mary Jane is rarely seen without her camera as she uses this tool to capture instances in time that constantly catch her eye.  She primarily works from her own photos combining and tweaking elements to create a satisfying composition.  She thinks of her paintings as thank you notes for the experiences awarded her by the subjects.

Mary Jane is grateful to her husband for the many years of encouragement and support, and her kids for tolerating all those 'projects' thrust upon them in the name of fun. Well, she had fun, anyway.

Mary Jane is a member of the NH Art Association and Seacoast Artists Association. She exhibits regularly in the SAA Gallery. For current shows visit her website at You may also e-mail at

Work 2Work 3

Don Sylvester - December 2010 through January 2011

Don SylvesterDon's interest in photography goes back to grade school in Presque Isle, Maine. As a book report project he discussed a book entitled "Flashbulbs A- Popping". Since that time he has experimented with many film cameras: an old Ansco, a Polaroid, a Konica and a Canon AE, both 35mm film cameras. Today he uses a Digital SLR.

Over the years after college and the US Army he was busy with a career in manufacturing management and consulting, retiring at age 56 - much too early. As an effort to get him occupied (and to keep him from reorganizing her kitchen once again), his wife, Elaine, gave him as a Christmas gift the Bill Lane six week photography course. Elaine's support and Bill's guidance has led him to his first ever show now at the Seacoast Artists Association Gallery in Exeter, NH.

Work 2Work 3

Don works only with available light. His hope is that he will help others see a particular symmetry, a shape, an expression, an emotion that is evident with the natural light in which we live. This first show is around the theme of hands. Hands do and say many things - all have a story to tell by way of their texture, their shapes and the thing they are doing.

Don's training in photography is only by Bill Lane. His training in "seeing" is being done by Elaine. His other formal education is a BSEE from the University of Maine, Orono, various courses at Hood College in Maryland and the Executive Program at the Tuck School at Dartmouth College.

A reception will be held on Thursday, December 9th, from 5-7PM, at the Seacoast Artists Association at 225 Water Street, Exeter, NH.

Work 2Work 3

Jan Kilburn - October through November 2010


Jan Kilburn, a Maine Native, lives and paints year round in Damariscotta.

Jan is a plein air painter. The Seacoast, Monhegan Island and Maine's cottages and flower gardens are some of her favorite subjects. Her style is impressionistic.

Her passion for color gives her paintings a quality of their own.  Her subjects are common and simple, but when translated onto paper using her soft but bright colors, she transforms them into something expressive and alive. "I want you to feel the beauty and warmth in these subjects. Every now and then everyone needs a peaceful place in which to escape. That's what I want to create.

Work 2Work 3

Jan spends most of her time painting the seacoast of Maine and New Hampshire. When she is not painting outside, which she prefers, you'll find her at home in her studio painting or teaching watercolor classes. Monhegan Island, where she spends early summers, is one of her favorite painting locales. Living in the Mid-Coast area of Maine provides spectacular local subject matter in quaint villages like Pemaquid, New Harbor, Round Pond and her home Damariscotta. She captures the beauty of the New England coast with its capes and flower gardens. Mostly self taught, Jan has studied with Doris Rice, Judy Wagner, Tony VanHasselt and Peter Spataro.

A reception will be held on Thursday, November 4th, from 5-7PM, at the Seacoast Artists Association at 225 Water Street, Exeter, NH.

For more information about the artist visit

Work 4Work 5

Jack Pollard - August through September 2010


Jack Pollard has been a member of the New Hampshire Art Association since 1968, and also has been in the Seacoast Art Association and the York Art Association. Jack has shown in exhibits of the latter two organization galleries as well as in many art exhibits of the New Hampshire Art Association, to include several Currier Art Museum shows and at the NHAA tent at the League of Arts and Crafts Mt. Sunapee summer shows. He has also exhibited in several December holiday art shows at the Boston School of the Museum of Art.

Jack studied art at:

the Manchester Art Institute, 1965 to 1970;
Institute Allende, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Aug. 1969;
Museum School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, 1970 - 1972;
Kaji Aso Studio, Boston;
and several Don Andrew summer watercolor workshops, Newcastle, NH.

"The natural landscape of New England along the seacoast has served as inspiration for much of my work. I enjoy painting outdoors with watercolor and pastel, which I like for their immediacy and freshness," Jack says.

A reception will be held on Thursday, September 9th, from 5-7PM, at the Seacoast Artists Association at 225 Water Street, Exeter, NH.

Work 2Work 3

Ann R. Howland - June through July 2010

PeaceWelcome to Annie Land

For me, art is about mystery, discovery, tension, passion and soul. In my studio, canvas, music and images playfully co-mingle. I dance as I work. I sing.

It is my nature to explore, discover and adapt. I believe that we are compelled to venture ever-deeper if our work is to remain fresh and true.

Ann's child-like mind, is innocent and reflexive. Her intuition rules her brush and palette. Ann's work appears in private collections throughout the United States.

A reception will be held on Thursday, June 17, from 4:30-7PM, at the Seacoast Artists Association at 225 Water Street, Exeter, NH.

Title of above painting is "Bright Meadow." For a sampling of what you'll see at our gallery, launch the Photo Browser below:

Featured Artist

Natalie Rotman Cote - April through May 2010

PeaceNatalie Rotman Cote is a Software Engineer by day and an artist by night. She began pursuing art when she enrolled in a drawing class at the Sharon Arts Center, where her goal was to learn how to draw her Greyhound Heidi.

While Heidi has made a beautiful model for many paintings, Natalie continues to search for her artistic niche by experimenting with landscape, still life, and floral paintings using pastels, watercolors, oils, and acrylics. She also captures unique images of Nature with her digital camera.

Natalie is excited to be the SAA Featured Artist for April and May 2010. For this show, she'll be featuring her photography from all around NH and from trips around the world that she's taken with her husband Stephen, with whome she shares a deep appreciation of nature and animals and all of this world's natural beauty.

Natalie hopes that you find the same peace and beauty when you look at her pictures as what inspired her. Enjoy!

For a sampling of Natalie's work, launch the Photo Browser below:

Featured Artist

Pat Boyd-Robertson - February through March 2010

PeaceMy Name is Pat Boyd-Robertson and I love to take pictures. Since the age of 18, and after seeing a man working on the Tobin Bridge in Boston, I realized that I wanted to capture his face. He face was black with tar, grit and dirt his black bib overalls barely evidencing the blue that they once were. But I was helpless - no camera.

At the time, I could afford no more than a Polaroid and I knew that what I wanted to capture forever on film was not going to happen.

The need to take pictures has remained with me and as 1 grew older I was fortunate enough to be provided with a new camera every year, each year bringing on a new and better way to fulfill my need to obtain more of life with deeper details. I finally opened my own little business with taking wedding pictures, family pictures and sittings and was very much involved with producing real and honest photographs. However, a strange need remained inside of me which was pushing me to find more and more and making me realize that I wasn't truly satisfied with what I had been doing.

Two years ago, after a trip to Bar Harbor, I began taking my 35mm pictures and placing them on my computer. I would sit and look at a picture for what seemed like an eternity. It was then that I realized that my inner emotions were dictating what I wanted and my new pictures (with a flair) is what I truly enjoy as it allows me to see things around me more ˜ emotionally than with a critical eye for perfection. This is what satisfies me. What is even more exciting for me is the fact that there are people, strangers that view my work. Some of them look at pictures of mine and I can see their expression when they "get it".

I watched some people as they look at my work and some have identified my art as "dark". That's exciting too because they are appraising my work through their own emotional core. Either way, there is great satisfaction. I will never stop taking pictures that touch my inner most feelings: the good, the bad, the ugly but mostly good and, best of ail satisfaction of accomplishing what my soul sees and feels!!!!!

During all of this process, I worked in the legal business for 25 years, as a plaintiff's paralegal. sat as a Marital Master and was certified as a Casa volunteer. I have raised 4 children which, in today's society is quite the accomplishment in itself. Now that I have been able to "retire" from office work early, I can devote myself to more exciting adventures and have time to explore my inner most feelings when I generate a picture that has touched my soul.

I live with my husband in Exeter and our two bulldogs, entertain grandchildren and when we can, escape to another part of the country to enjoy ourselves and to find more different ways of life.

For a sampling of Pat's work, launch the Photo Browser below:

Featured Artist

Pam Libby - December 2009

The Seacoast Artist Association is proud to exhibit the works of Pam Libby upstairs in our downtown Exeter gallery. Pam's work is expressive, full of color, and has a whimsical feeling. Pam is well versed and is comfortable working with multiple media.


Pam's painting experience covers 20 years. She exhibits throughout the Seacoast area. Pam is also a noted freelance illustrator. Her studio is located in Madbury, NH.

An artist reception will be held at the SAA Gallery at 167 Water Street in Exeter on Saturday, December 5th from 2 PM to 4 PM.

Barbara Cowan - October through November 2009

The art work of Exeter artist Barbara Cowan will be on display at the Seacoast Art

Gallery at 167 Water Street in Exeter during the months of October and November, 2009 as the gallery's featured artist.

Featured Artist Barbara Cowan

Barbara's work is expressive, full of color, and a unique response to the world around her. Her paintings of Exeter, initially done in preparation for the Exeter Ornament series are a mix of the Exeter we know today and the Exeter of years gone by.

She works from her studio at home yet is comfortable as a plain air painter working at a variety of locations. She works with watercolor as a principal medium yet / enjoys working with pastels and the monotype printmaking process. She continues to be an exhibitor with the Exeter Arts Committee displays at the Exeter Town Hall Gallery, The Seacoast Artist Association, and other regional shows.

Maria Simms - August through September 2009

AnnickMy inspirations come from the world around me, a walk in the woods, the flowers in my garden, the fruits in the kitchen or wherever I am at the moment. I love to walk, either at home in the woods around my house or slowly through the garden. I will come back to the studio full of ideas. When I am abroad in Brittany I always start the day with a long walk along the shores, very often starting before sunrise. This connects me with my surroundings. There is so much to see.

Exploring the many and varied aspects of the sacred feminine has been a primary inspiration for my creative work in recent years my paintings and drawings, my writing and my spiritual practice.

In all scenes and seasons of Mother Nature, earth and water, fire and air, by sunlight or at night during all phases of Moon, I visualize feminine energy and form, celebrate it and enjoy abstracting it into landscape motifs, sometimes subtly, sometimes dramatically.

I was first an artist fine arts degree, then taught art and exhibited widely when I was younger, but grew away from it during years when an interest in astrology morphed first into writing, then to computer graphic design for a publishing company. At the beginning of the 21st century, after my move to New Hampshire, I began painting in oils again, and am so glad that I did. I have written about Goddess spirituality, too, since then. My most recent book, Moon Tides, Soul Passages, includes several of my recent paintings. Undoubtedly, painting is my most purely intuitive form of expression.

For a sampling of Maria's, launch the Photo Browser below:

Featured Artist

Annick Bouvron-Gromek - June through July 2009

AnnickMy inspirations come from the world around me, a walk in the woods, the flowers in my garden, the fruits in the kitchen or wherever I am at the moment. I love to walk, either at home in the woods around my house or slowly through the garden. I will come back to the studio full of ideas. When I am abroad in Brittany I always start the day with a long walk along the shores, very often starting before sunrise. This connects me with my surroundings. There is so much to see.

I usually work in watercolor when on location but prefer the monotype medium back in my studio.

Monotype is a hybrid among printing techniques. It is neither a print nor a painting, but a combination of both. The method is named because it is one image (mono), painted or drawn directly on a plate and then transferred to paper. The printing of an image from a clean, un-worked surface results in a quality that is open and free. The monotype is a singular image and cannot be replicated.

For a sampling of Annick's work, launch the Photo Browser below:

Featured Artist

John Hauschildt - April through May 2009

Our current featured artist is John Hauschildt of Rum Doodle Studios. Check this website's gallery and come by our Water Street gallery to see John's display of framed and unframed photographs along Black & White, Landscape, and Abstract themes. His work will be displayed through April and May.

For a sampling of John's work, launch the Photo Browser below:

Featured Artist